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Published on 08-03-2018
Hello Dear Members,
Very Happy to say you to all dear members
Now Perfect money payment gateway is available in, you can now add funds, withdraw and upgrades membership from PM gateway.

The last few weeks were Running very good for the I want to present you the next promotion for you starting now. We hope everyone will have a good experience with our services where you can make money or advertise your products with us!

This is our site promotion:

Deposit via Paypal, Payza and Perfect Money.

$ 10 ~ $ 99 = 10% bonus to Purchase Balance
$ 100 ~ $ 299 = 20% bonus to Purchase Balance
$ 300~ $ 499 = 25% bonus to Purchase Balance
Above $ 500 = 30% bonus to Purchase Balance
Note- You will get 5% extra bonus through Perfect Money

We will add the bonus funds manually within 24 hours after your deposit. You do not have to open a support ticket for that purpose.

the promo will end on the March 31, 23: 59: 59h server time.


Best Regards,
Captcha changed
Published on 03-03-2018
Hello dear members,

Regarding login issues we changed image captcha now you can login without any errors. 

Here there are many way to earn money
1.view ads
4. clixgrid
5. Each every Clicks you will get points (you can convert to cash)
6. Point Contest (coming soon)

For advertising members,
You can advertising here very low price and get more results form kbsclicks
thank you

Best regards
We are celebrating Our First Referral Contest $250
Published on 25-02-2018

Hello Dear Members,

First of all we would like to thank everyone who have joined and supported us remarkably and beyond the expectations. 2350+ Reaching members cannot be wrong and every moment is becoming stronger and more stable website and a safe place for investing and earning revenue

Do not miss our Referral contest, worth $250. Promote your referral link and earn extra money. We have an upcoming '30 days referral contest' with $250 prize which are as follows:

      #The Referral contest will Start on the 25th of February, 00: 00: 00h server time.
       #The promo will end on the 26th of March, 23: 59: 59h server time.

Position Prize Allocate to
1               $100 Main balance  
2 $50      Main balance
3 $30 Main balance
4 $15 Main balance
5 $10 Main balance
6 $5 Main balance
7 $5 Main balance
8 $3 Main balance
9 $3 Main balance
10 $3 Main balance
11                        $2               Main balance   
12 $2 Main balance
13 $2 Main balance               
14   $2  Main balance
15 $2   Main balance
16 $2 Main balance
17 $1 Main balance
18 $1 Main balance
19 $1 Main balance
20 $1   Main balance
21                 $1           Purchase balance
22 $1   Purchase balance
23 $1 Purchase balance
24 $1 Purchase balance
25 $1 Purchase balance
26 $1 Purchase balance
27 $1 Purchase balance
28 $1 Purchase balance
29 $1 Purchase balance
30 $1 Purchase balance

Terms and Conditions:
1. All prizes are in cash, which means that at the end of the contest, they will be added to your main & Purchase balance you can cash them out straight away.
2. Participants are not allowed to register multiple accounts to get referrals.
3. Any software/bot/macros generated accounts are not allowed.
4. Direct Referral must be a real human and need to have minimum 15 clicks
5. KbsClicks Terms of Service is applicable to this contest. Violation of Terms of Service will lead to permanent account suspension.
6. KbsClicks team is allowed to eliminate any participant who doesn’t to follow contest rules

Best Regards


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